Scotland, Day 4: Rain… Rain,,, and… Rain

Well. Sure, we expected rain somehow someday, right? Nevertheless, this wasn’t the typical Scottish high humidity, this was really poring… We left Strontian early, hence our aim was to get the ferry in Mallaig at 12 noon (I catched that they canceled every second sailing) but the moment we left the house it began to rain heavily. So up into the rain clothes. We hit the road and made our way up to Mallaig. Very nice trip, propably nicer with sun or even, no water coming from the upside.

Ariving in Mallaig we got shocked: No booking, no ferry. No one told us, and after checking their website, there is a very small side note saying bookings required. OK, so we obtained cash (yeah, found a ATM!!) and drive back to Fort William. Thanks to Boris we found a very nice restaurant close to the Ben Nevis (Hill). Great Food!!

Back from there we drove up to Inverness with Loch Ness on the Right hand side. Still poring rain. No chance of a sunbeam. Apart from the crappy driving situation I am more disappointed that the views where all cloaked in clouds….

But we got to see the Noch Ness Castle (Sorry I need to check the Name.. ) and the famous Highland Bridge and water falls….

Ariving in Muir of Ord, guess what, clouds break up, sun is shining.

What a nice day. What a miserable weather.

Any how’s…. Scotland is Scotland… !